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You are ready to evaluate the Overtime Expert Online. For evaluation purposes, only the 'Executive' test is available from the 'Standard Tests' or 'Public Agency Tests' categories.  (As a licensed user there are a total of seven (7) 'Standard Tests' and seven (7) 'Public Agency Tests'.)  In the full version, all tests are available for use.

After selecting your test, click the 'Go' link below your selection to continue. A wizard-like series of questions will present themselves. After a few (ranging from 1 to 7) questions, the test will be complete and the overtime status of position will be provided as well as the reason(s) why the position is (or is not) exempt from overtime pay.

During evaluation, tests will proceed as normal. You will be able to also view a sample 'history' of tests, but your evaluation test will NOT be added to the history. The evaluation will also show you the settings page. You will not be able to change the settings as an evaluation user.

Throughout the test, references and resources will be available to assist in answering the questions asked.  The resources are taken from in-depth discussion and interviews with overtime 'experts' at the US Department of Labor.  At any point in a test you may also link directly to the portion of the FLSA regulations pertinent to the question.

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