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Online tool for evaluating overtime pay based on FLSA FairPay
Questions about overtime pay?

Under federal regulations, employees that perform particular sets of job duties are exempt from overtime pay. If the regulation criteria are not met, employees are legally entitled to overtime pay. When an employer violates these regulations, the government may levy severe penalties. The employer bears the burden of proving that an employee is exempt from overtime pay.

Many methods exist for employers to classify positions within their organizations. Most methods are paper based and rely heavily on FLSA expertise to determine the overtime status of each position. Often these methods are tedious and prone to error during evaluation.

How the Overtime Expert Works

The Overtime Expert is a very simple-to-use automated check-off system embodying the various tests specified in the overtime provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FairPay). It provides an automated method for evaluating the overtime status of all positions within an organization. This method ensures that employers have the necessary information to accurately classify positions as either 'exempt' or 'not exempt' from overtime pay and determines and documents the decision process leading to that status automatically.

With the Overtime Expert the user selects the test he/she wishes to conduct and the system begins asking questions. Each question is easy to understand and is cross-referenced to current FLSA regulations that provide further guidance to answer the question if more guidance is required. Upon completion of the test the status of the position is automatically calculated according to the FLSA guidelines.

The Overtime Expert also includes a powerful set of expert critical considerations to help direct evaluators at each question in an exemption test. These critical considerations were developed with the help of administrators and field representatives of the Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division.

How to get the Overtime Expert

You can test drive the Expert for free to see how the tool works. To learn more about the Overtime Expert, visit our main website. If you would like to purchase one or more online user licenses, visit our online store.

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