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Remote Usability Testing with UTEremote

UTEremote is a service offered to current UTE customers that provides a way to conduct a usability test using participants scattered throughout an organization, state, country, or the world. Before the development of UTEremote, all participants would either have to come to a central testing computer running the UTE Runner (often a in a usability lab) or would have to install the UTE Runner on his or her computer and return the resulting log file to the usability test administrator.

UTEremote allows test administrators to provide a web address to desired test participants. The participants can participate in the test by following the provided link in a browser on any computer. To connect to the UTEremote server, participants are required to install a small ActiveX control. (All necessary instructions are provided to the user during the process.) Connections to the UTE Remote server are encrypted and secure.

During the testing process, UTE Runner appears to be running on the participants' computers, although it is actually running on a server hosted by Mind Design Systems, Inc. If the test is interrupted at any time, users can easily resume where they left off. All data is collected on the server and made available to the test administrator.

To conduct a UTEremote test, a usability test administrator creates the usability test using the UTE Manager then transmits it to Mind Design Systems, Inc. for hosting on a UTEremote server. Following the testing period, Mind Design Systems returns the result files to the test administrator for evaluation and analysis.

The use of UTEremote is available in different plans depending on our customers' needs. Many of our customers prefer to subscribe to UTEremote on a per-test basis. Other customers pay a monthly fee for unlimited access/tests hosted on UTEremote. Contact Mind Design Systems, Inc. by emailing or calling 801-782-5544 for pricing.

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