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UTE and Morae

The UTE methodology is quantitative in nature, and the data gathered and analyzed by UTE adheres to the measurable data only. Our clients find that the data provides unique insights to a website's usability, but sometimes discover that the best way to illustrate the finding in a report or presentation is to show how a user interacts with the site.

In addition to capturing the visual of a participant's interaction on-screen, participant comments, and facial expressions provide unique insights during points of interest in a usability study.

TechSmith's® Morae" provides an excellent way to capture both the on-screen interaction and participant verbal and non-verbal interactions with the site being studied. Bailey's Usability Testing Environment provides usability test creation, scenario presentation, and data analysis and reporting functions while Morae can record everything for later visual analysis.

Our clients have found viewing entire Morae recordings of participant sessions is a time consuming process that is greatly simplified by knowing exactly where to find points of interest within each recording. When configured to run with Morae, the UTE Runner automatically inserts markers into the Morae recording for easy future reference.

When you use UTE with Morae, each component provides distinct value.

UTE Provides
  • Usability test creation tools
  • Usability Test Plan Generation
  • Demographic and survey question presentation and recording
  • Scenario presentation and management
  • Event Flagging in Morae
  • Quantitative data capture
  • Usability Test Report Generation
Morae Provides
  • Video recording of on-screen interaction
  • Audio/Video recording of participant
  • Recording Viewing, Editing, and Clip Creation

Morae is available from TechSmith.

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